“Signs” Series

Third of my Sign Series complete. This is a large 48 X 30 oil on canvas titled “Miles To Go” I had seen this man more than 3 years ago walking in Key West and he intrigued me. He now is almost life size, and walks on…..

Miles To Go

“Miles To Go…” 48 X 30 Oil on Canvas $1,500

Hello again. I haven’t posted for a while but been hard at work. I am having a terrific time at the Stutz and am working on my newest series “Signs”.

I enjoy people. When I paint, I look for their stories or make one up to reflect the essence of the individual. My current series “Signs,” displays a message that reflects something of the character. I prefer painting ordinary scenes, bringing significance to an everyday moment in time.

Coconut Guy copy

“Falling Coconuts” 30 X 40 Oil on Canvas $1,500

Cigar Man copy

“Cigar Man” 30 X 30 Oil on Canvas 1,500

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