A Lesson in Marketing

Miles To Go

What a fun time I am having with friends and family  up in Frankfort MI. I had NO IDEA how many people are following my art path through Face Book. I sold one painting last night (thru my cell phone gallery on my cousin’s deck!!!) and now there is talk about my cousin hosting an art party next year at his wonderful home to sell my pieces.  They say I just don’t market enough and they can’t seem to find any prices, sizes etc., and even if they have been sold or not. SO I am going to be a bit more up in your face when I finish a painting. Let me be clear, THEY ALL ARE FOR SALE, and on my website www.nancybeckfineart.com, you can see my entire inventory. Also I’d be honored if you’d follow me on my blog www.nancybeckfineart.com/blog   I had no idea that really anyone was really paying attention….. Just when you think to yourself, “What am I doing this for?” I have an evening like last night. Thank you Cuz (Jim Beck). Gail, Patty and John. Love you all!

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