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My New Studio at The Stutz


C350 1

C350 2 C350 3

Welcome to my new studio at the Stutz! I am in C-350 and I have lots of northern light and more room than I could ever imagine! (It is only 360 sq. feet less than our house in Key West, Ha!)

The Stutz is located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, and has over 70 artists housed in this wonderful historic building.

You will see I have blank walls half-way back in my work area, ready to be used as my working “blank space” to start my first series of work. In reading and talking with other artists, this is what makes a professional a professional in the art world.

My assignment this week is to figure out what my series will be. I have it down to 3 possibilities, Indiana Wineries (painted in Plein Air with painting sizes being 11 X 14), Cars with lots of reflections (these I envision as large pieces with bright colors) , and Exotic Cats (inspired by the Exotic Feline Rescue Center). These cats love to play with orange balls so that will also add to my color theme.

I need to master one this year, so that is my focus. It has been a few weeks of getting off track with my move, so now it’s time…. Any thoughts?