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Meet “Thor”


This Spring I was asked to paint a painting for the fund raising auction, Boomer Ball Bash, coming up October 6th, 2013. In looking at all of the images on the website,  and visiting the Rescue center, Thor was the one who most spoke to me. He is a wonderful Lion who lives at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Point Indiana. This magnificent center is where cats like Thor can go and live their life to the end in peace and tranquility.

Thor came to this place with Zeus (no one knows, but they could be brothers). They now live together in the center.  When they were released into their first enclosure they could hardly walk having been kept in circus cages (one in each cage) for no one knows how long.  With time, their walking got a lot better and the painting shows Thor actually running.  So fantastic to see after the conditions they came from!   They are not on the regular tour but live in what is referred to as “the field” which is where the new enclosures are. The center does’t have room to expand the regular tour area so they live in the expansion area which is steadily being used up by more and more cats needing rescue. They (as well as many other cats) have gotten a lot attention, and can be seen at special events or tours like Fall Fest,  or  Evening Roars or if you stay overnight in an overnight room (adults only).

“I don’t recall that they have had any medical attention but the keepers have encouraged them to walk,” says Ann Hedderick, and volunteer at the center,  ” One keeper has actually gotten Thor to “frolick”.  That is what she calls his un-lion like running – but that is OK,  he loves the attention and running with her.”

The website for the Boomer Ball Bash is . Go, look and come! We’d love to see you. Each of the cats in this center have a similar story.

You can also see more pictures of Thor (Taken by Stephen McCloud) at this link

Stephen’s images assisted me in finding the inspiration for painting this painting titled simply…. “Thor”

Please come to the Auction, enjoy the experience and help support this wonderful center.  Thank You!