Meet “Thor”


This Spring I was asked to paint a painting for the fund raising auction, Boomer Ball Bash, coming up October 6th, 2013. In looking at all of the images on the website,  and visiting the Rescue center, Thor was the one who most spoke to me. He is a wonderful Lion who lives at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Point Indiana. This magnificent center is where cats like Thor can go and live their life to the end in peace and tranquility.

Thor came to this place with Zeus (no one knows, but they could be brothers). They now live together in the center.  When they were released into their first enclosure they could hardly walk having been kept in circus cages (one in each cage) for no one knows how long.  With time, their walking got a lot better and the painting shows Thor actually running.  So fantastic to see after the conditions they came from!   They are not on the regular tour but live in what is referred to as “the field” which is where the new enclosures are. The center does’t have room to expand the regular tour area so they live in the expansion area which is steadily being used up by more and more cats needing rescue. They (as well as many other cats) have gotten a lot attention, and can be seen at special events or tours like Fall Fest,  or  Evening Roars or if you stay overnight in an overnight room (adults only).

“I don’t recall that they have had any medical attention but the keepers have encouraged them to walk,” says Ann Hedderick, and volunteer at the center,  ” One keeper has actually gotten Thor to “frolick”.  That is what she calls his un-lion like running – but that is OK,  he loves the attention and running with her.”

The website for the Boomer Ball Bash is . Go, look and come! We’d love to see you. Each of the cats in this center have a similar story.

You can also see more pictures of Thor (Taken by Stephen McCloud) at this link

Stephen’s images assisted me in finding the inspiration for painting this painting titled simply…. “Thor”

Please come to the Auction, enjoy the experience and help support this wonderful center.  Thank You!


A Lesson in Marketing

Miles To Go

What a fun time I am having with friends and family  up in Frankfort MI. I had NO IDEA how many people are following my art path through Face Book. I sold one painting last night (thru my cell phone gallery on my cousin’s deck!!!) and now there is talk about my cousin hosting an art party next year at his wonderful home to sell my pieces.  They say I just don’t market enough and they can’t seem to find any prices, sizes etc., and even if they have been sold or not. SO I am going to be a bit more up in your face when I finish a painting. Let me be clear, THEY ALL ARE FOR SALE, and on my website, you can see my entire inventory. Also I’d be honored if you’d follow me on my blog   I had no idea that really anyone was really paying attention….. Just when you think to yourself, “What am I doing this for?” I have an evening like last night. Thank you Cuz (Jim Beck). Gail, Patty and John. Love you all!

First Friday Aug 2nd at the Stutz

Come and see my newest “Sign Series” piece!

Our August  Open House is on Friday August 2nd , and is from noon – to 5:00 pm . The Art Space Gallery show is open from 5:00PM to 9:00 PM
I will be open at 1:00 to  and will remain open until 7:00pm.  The building is open to the public until 6:00 pm. After that you will need to be escorted in by our security staff from the door labeled ‘B’ by Bearcats restaurant on Senate Ave. If at all possible, it would be most convenient to come before 6:00pm.
Parking: The best place to park would be on Senate Ave.(which runs north and south and is on the west side of the Stutz Building). The west side of Senate Ave. has free parking and the East side has parking meters ($1.00 per hour)
I am on the Third Floor in Hallway C. You can take the stairs directly off of Senate at Door B and then walk past the Freight Elevator until you see my studio on your left. You can also come into the building and find the elevators. There is always someone around to direct you. ( It sounds a bit complicated but once you’ve been there you will see it is really easy)
Please come and visit John and I at the Stutz. First Fridays are always wonderful in downtown Indianapolis, and a great way to spend an evening. This month other 3rd floor artists will have their studios open as well. A group of us usually goes to dinner afterwards, so if interested send a note so we can add to reservations.
We look forward to seeing you!

My New Studio at The Stutz


C350 1

C350 2 C350 3

Welcome to my new studio at the Stutz! I am in C-350 and I have lots of northern light and more room than I could ever imagine! (It is only 360 sq. feet less than our house in Key West, Ha!)

The Stutz is located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, and has over 70 artists housed in this wonderful historic building.

You will see I have blank walls half-way back in my work area, ready to be used as my working “blank space” to start my first series of work. In reading and talking with other artists, this is what makes a professional a professional in the art world.

My assignment this week is to figure out what my series will be. I have it down to 3 possibilities, Indiana Wineries (painted in Plein Air with painting sizes being 11 X 14), Cars with lots of reflections (these I envision as large pieces with bright colors) , and Exotic Cats (inspired by the Exotic Feline Rescue Center). These cats love to play with orange balls so that will also add to my color theme.

I need to master one this year, so that is my focus. It has been a few weeks of getting off track with my move, so now it’s time…. Any thoughts?

My Weekend in New Harmony IN



I had a great time at my first IPAPA event. I have a long way to go but enjoyed the experience. I am excited to start my process in perfecting Plein Air painting. I plan to start this weekend with my first winery (Oliver Winery) if weather permits. Let’s hope Friday clears up and lets the sun shine. My plan is to paint 12 wineries in Indiana and have  show at the end of the season. Stay tuned for more info

I also am looking forward to going out to visit the Exotic Feline Rescue Center and photographing some of the cats. (See web link below) They have asked me to paint one of the cats for a fundraising event in October. This will be fun. I have some paintings in mind and will do a few and post to get your thoughts.