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"Not Finished"

“Not Finished”

I became an artist in 2003 due to a need to expand my horizons. I have practiced as a Certified Financial Planner since 1982 and that was my entire life. I decided to take art class (actually I took 2; “Drawing from the Right Side of your Brain”, and “The Artist’s Way”). In drawing I found a place. I often say it is like living in a home for 42 years and one day, you decide to pull an old floor board up. Underneath I found (for me) the “Hope Diamond”; talent at drawing. I had been awakened!

I since have graduated to color, experimenting with watercolor, oil and acrylic. Oil is my color/medium of choice. Color for me is so exciting. Learning values first through drawing in black and white has been instrumental in my “color journey”. I have entered and was accepted in the Hoosier Salon 2 years (as well as other local juried shows) and have my art  displayed in the Brown County Art Gallery in Nashville IN., as well as L.L.B. Gallery in Key West FL.

I’ve taken some workshops, usually about 2 per year, and have learned through help from other artists, as well as just taking the time to experiment. Art to me is a way to relax, but yet do something constructive. I have always been a “doer” and find it hard to stop and relax. This is my outlet, and has helped me grow and be better in all facets of my life.

I now have a studio at The Stutz Business Center, C350 1060 N. Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 46204. I also have found a very new love for Plein Air Painting. I started painting Plein Air in Key West FL.   The colors and the light have stimulated this interest. There are so many more colors in life than in photographs, and this form of painting teaches me to really see the beauty and to then translate it into my own rendition in a painting.








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